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If a player has more than one number listed click on the players name to find out the years the player wore the number.
Number Name Position Hometown
11 Bloedel, Gary B.  St. Paul, MN
19, 5 Brooks, David A.  C St. Paul, MN
15 Constantine, Ron   W Eveleth, MN
1 Fabian, William F.  G St. Paul, MN
14, 12 Falkman, Craig   W St. Paul, MN
8 Furlong, Patrick A.  D Hibbing, MN
1 Groth, Roger W.  G St. Paul, MN
11 Haigh, Richard J.  C, D St. Paul, MN
19 Kasner, Richard   W Minneapolis, MN
8, 6 Lilyholm, Leonard   C, W Robbinsdale, MN
21 Lintula, Peter W.  C Sparta, MN
13 McCoy, Thomas J.  D Minneapolis, MN
16, 10, 2 Metzen, David R.  D South St. Paul, MN
21, 20, 9 Morse, Thomas B.  D International Falls, MN
2 Nanne, Louis V.  D Sault Ste. Marie, ONT, CA
16, 10 Nystrom, Roy W.  W Eveleth, MN
10, 18 Ramsay, William B.  C, W Minneapolis, MN
14, 3 Schmalzbauer, Gary   W St. Paul, MN
10, 8 Stordahl, James   C Roseau, MN
7 Stordahl, Larry D.  W Roseau, MN
2, 4, 22 Westby, James A.  D Minneapolis, MN

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