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  Big Ten Medal of Honor Recipients

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Since 1915 the Big Ten Conference has annually selected one athlete from the graduating class of each school in the Big Ten to be honored with the Big Ten Medal of Honor Award.  The selected athletes have “attained the greatest proficiency in athletics and scholastic work.”

The Big Ten Medal of Honor was the first award in intercollegiate athletics to demonstrate support for the educational emphasis placed on athletics and was acclaimed throughout the nation.

Listed below are the Gopher hockey players that have been honored with the Big Ten Medal of Honor award.

Year Name Hometown
1936 Seidel, Glenn E. Minneapolis, MN
1937 Wilkinson, Charles B. Minneapolis, MN
1946 Adams, John W. Minneapolis, MN
1958 McCartan, John W. St. Paul, MN
1968 Gambucci, Gary A. Hibbing, MN
1969 Jenke, Noel C. Owatonna, MN
1971 Olds, Walter R. Baudette, MN
1975 Polich, Michael J. Hibbing, MN
1979 Baker, William R. Grand Rapids, MN
2015 Rau, Kyle Eden Prairie, MN
2021 LaFontaine, Jack Mississauga, ONT, CA
Source: Big Ten Conference

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