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  John Mariucci Most Valuable Player (MVP) Award

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Most Valuable Player Trophy John Mariucci
Awarded annually to the Gopher player selected by his teammates as the Most Valuable Player to the team during the season.
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Year Name Hometown
1955-1956 Yackel, Sr., Kenneth J. St. Paul, MN
1956-1957 Petroske, John Hibbing, MN
1957-1958 McCartan, John W. St. Paul, MN
1958-1959 Williamson, Murray Winnipeg, MAN, CA
1959-1960 Grafstrom, Myron D. Roseau, MN
1960-1961 Norman, Jerry B. Eveleth, MN
1961-1962 Larson, Michael J. St. Paul, MN
1962-1963 Nanne, Louis V. Sault Ste. Marie, ONT, CA
1963-1964 Falkman, Craig St. Paul, MN
1964-1965 Stordahl, Larry D. Roseau, MN
1965-1966 Woog, Douglas W. South St. Paul, MN
1966-1967 Dale, John B. St. Paul, MN
1967-68, 69, 70 McLachlan, Murray C. Toronto, ONT, CA
1970-1971 Sanders, Frank B. North St. Paul, MN
1971-1972 Peltier, Douglas B. St. Paul, MN
1972-1973 Gambucci, James R. Grand Forks, ND
1973-1974 Shelstad, Bradley J. Minneapolis, MN
1974-1975 Polich, Michael J. Hibbing, MN
1975-1976 Miller, Warren F. South St. Paul, MN
1976-1977 Micheletti, Joseph R. Hibbing, MN

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