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  John Mayasich Outstanding-Athlete Award

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Year Name Hometown
1976-1978 Verchota, Phillip J. Duluth, MN
1978-1979 Baker, William R. Grand Rapids, MN
1979-1981 Hartzell, Kevin J. St. Paul, MN
1979-1981 Terwilliger, David Edina, MN
1981-1983 Butters, Paul N. Rochester, MN
1983-1985 Kellin, Tony J. Grand Rapids, MN
1985-1987 Mack, Craig D. East Grand Forks, MN
1987-1988 Orth, Steve P. St. Cloud, MN
1988-1991 Miller, Jason Bloomington, MN
1991-1992 Fabian, Sean St. Paul, MN
1992-1993 Nielsen, Jeff Grand Rapids, MN
1993-1994, 96 Trebil, Dan Bloomington, MN
1994-1995 Zwakman, Greg Edina, MN
1996-1997 LaFleur, Brian Bloomington, MN
1997-1998 Kraft, Ryan Moorhead, MN
1998-1999 Miller, Nate Anoka, MN
1999-2000 Trebil, Ryan Bloomington, MN
2000-2001 Mills, Dylan Duluth, MN
2001-2002 Wendell, Erik Brooklyn Park, MN
2002-2003 Roberg, Chad Duluth, MN

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