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In the long history of Gopher hockey there have been 127 players that have been Captains of Gopher teams.  Some of these players had the honor of wearing the "C" for more than one season.
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Year Name Hometown
1921-1922 Bros, Chester W. Minneapolis, MN
1922-1923 Swanson, Paul H. St. Paul, MN
1923-1924 Pond, Frank R. Two Harbors, MN
1924-1925 Mann, Victor I.
1924-1925 Schade, Frederick L. St. Paul, MN
1924-1926 Olsen, Edward G. Minneapolis, MN
1925-1927 Scott, Phillip C. Minneapolis, MN
1927-1928 Conway, John H. Minneapolis, MN
1928-1929 Brown, Joseph M. Minneapolis, MN
1929-1930 McCabe, Charles J. Minneapolis, MN
1930-1931 Conway, William E. Minneapolis, MN
1931-1932 Ryman, Marshall W. Minneapolis, MN
1932-1933 Carlson, Harold S. St. Paul, MN
1933-1934 LaBatte, Phillip W. Minneapolis, MN
1934-1935 Wagnild, Spencer M. Minneapolis, MN
1935-1936 Mitchell, Theodore F. Minneapolis, MN
1935-1936 Wilkinson, Charles B. Minneapolis, MN
1936-1937 Bjorck, Reynold E. Minneapolis, MN
1937-1938 Kroll, Richard J. International Falls, MN
1937-1938 Randall, Loane J. St. Paul, MN

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