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Throughout the long history of Gopher hockey, only a select few players have had the honor of leading their team and wearing the "C" or "A" on their jerseys.  So far 182 players have had this honor.

This main page lisits all the Captains and Assistant Captains in chronological order.  But, if you would like a more detailed breakdown check out the links below this paragraph.

Wore Both "C" and "A" Wore the "C" Wore the "A"
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Year Name Hometown
1938-1939 Anderson, Kenneth M. Kenora, ONT, CA
1939-1940 Mariucci, John P. Eveleth, MN
1939-1940 St. Vincent, Frank Hibbing, MN
1940-1941 Paulsen, Harold W. Virginia, MN
1940-1941(A) Cramp, Kenneth W. Minneapolis, MN
1941-1942 Eggleton, Allan F. St. Paul, MN
1942-1943 Graiziger, Robert A. St. Paul, MN
1942-1943 Nolander, Donald A. Minneapolis, MN
1943-1944 Ryan, Patrick John Hibbing, MN
1944-1945, 46 Carley, Jr., Robert L. St. Paul, MN
1944-1945, 46, 47 Opsahl, Allan W. Minneapolis, MN
1946-1947 O'Brien, John O. Winnipeg, MAN, CA
1947-1948 Frick, James E. Winnipeg, MAN, CA
1948-1949 DePaul, Roland Eveleth, MN
1949-1950 Harris, Robert V. Roseau, MN
1950-1951 Sedin, James W. St. Paul, MN
1951-1952 Strom, Russell E.Y. Duluth, MN
1952-1953 Wegleitner, Thomas J. St. Paul, MN
1953-1954 Campbell, Gene E. Minneapolis, MN
1954-1955 Mattson, James V. St. Louis Park, MN
A=Alternate, Assistant or Associate Captian
*  If there is no letter (C or A), then player is the Captain

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